This clip contains 4 of the most grueling and exhausting Fem vs Fem matches that we have ever filmed. First match is Lora vs Katie in which Lora found out the hard way Katie can break ribs with her bodyscissors. Second match is between 6 foot tall 205lbs HeatherC vs 125lbs tough girl Jada. Everyone expected Jada to get crushed, but she put up a good fight. Next match is BBW newcomer Jazmin who upsets female bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers by taking her down and Breast Smothering her to submission. Even though Jazmin had no prior wresting experience, she had her share of streetfights and knew how to use her weight. Final match is BBW MichelleF vs Amazon 6 foot 3 inch Whiskey. Whiskey was surprised at how quick Michelle moved for a BBW and was at the receiving end of breast smothers and pins from the 220lb Michelle. All matches are Competitive.

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